2 months ago

Hi everyone,

I’m exited to announce that we’ve now added a new category to our resources page. This new category is for Pterodactyl modules and themes. If you make modules or themes for Pterodactyl feel free to list them on our website.

I’ve also released a new free module for Pterodactyl which allows users to register with a simple form on your pterodactyl panel. After registering, the user is sent an email to activate their account.

Alongside this module, we are working hard on new Pterodactyl resources. Below is a screenshot of our new Plugins Module which supports over 60.000 Minecraft plugins.

CREDITS: Gigabait

9 months ago

Welcome to ResourceMC!

ResourceMC is a trading platform for Minecraft, you can either sell services on our platform or buy them from other users. Check the forums tab to view services ranging from hostings and web providers, in the Resources tab you can find dozens of Minecraft Extensions and addons.

Before you start trading, make sure to read our rules!



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