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ResourceMC Tester Program

ResourceMC tester program gives you exclusive access to test our plugins, modules and templates as one of the first beta users. As a beta user you get to keep the resource unless said otherwise by the author. Other developers can submit their resource to be tested by our beta users. We are very select about who we choose for this position. Furthermore you get to submit suggestion and changes regarding the resource.

Currently no available positions for new users, you must be decently active in our Discord server to join the tester program.

Perks / Benefits
- Be the first to test resources
- Exclusive permissions to view tester channels
- You get to keep the resource
- Submit suggestions for new resources
- Free of cost

Rules and guidelines
1. You may not share any files obtained from the testers chat
2. You may not send list any file obtained from the testers chat (E.g NamelessMC resources)
3. You may not send screenshots of the resource to anyone unless you ask and we allow it
4. You can use files obtained from the testers panel for your own site(After formally released),      but we would kindly ask you to buy them once released
5. You will not steal the code and use it for your own project unless permission is granted.
6. You must be an active user